Music has always been a part of who I am.  When I was 5 years old, I started playing piano by ear, figuring out the melodies to songs on TV and the Radio, and impressing friends both young and old in the process.  When I first heard a live DJ mixing two tracks together when I was in middle-school, I knew this was my calling. When I got to high school, I became the underground source for new, popular, and even unreleased music for everyone in my school.  My uncle recognized my talents and for my 14th birthday, I was given a set of American Dj Cd players and dj mixer, and I started spinning right away.  I started playing for my high school during lunchtimes and dances and then started DJing birthday parties for friends all over the Monterey Bay.  My first real break came in 2004, when at the age of 20, I was picked up to DJ at Club Octane in Monterey, the local spot for serious DJ's to play at, as DJ Steeboh.  I played Friday and Saturday nights for 5 years straight as a resident there.  

Since then, I've worked independently and for a couple DJ companies both in Monterey and San Diego Counties, djing at bars/clubs, private events and weddings.


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Booking - email: or phone: (831)402-1928

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Booking - email: or phone: (831)402-1928